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Justin Lee


Justin is a first year graduate student in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering (focus in volume holography). He did his undergraduate work at MIT as well, studying physics and biology.

In his free time, Justin likes to build things and blog about cancer science & anthropology. He hopes to someday help develop medical technologies to aid cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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  • my mail address is

    hey and by the way guys great work…

  • Howard Amster

    Dear Justin,

    After seeing what a huge success your weather balloon project was, I was hoping to help my 10 year-old son duplicate (maybe with different planetary views) your project. I am semi-technically savy and I acn see from the photos that the recovery chute was located between the balloon and the cooler…my only concern was to program the camera (without voiding the warranty) and geting it to shoot only at the five second intervals! I wondered how many camers out there can do this in this price range? I am also not sure if a chloroprene balloon would be the only choice (these are a bit pricey) and then there is the cost of Helium in sufficient quantity to get this gizmo up up and away.
    How full should any balloon be filled (since it will expand expotentially)?

    Any help will be appreciated and WE PLAN TO GIVE FULL CREDIT to you and the great MIT students who posted this info on the web!


    Howard Amster

  • Bernhard

    Hi Justin,
    We also have a ballooning program at DePaul University, and are using APRS and a 900 MHz radio for tracking and data transmission. I love your idea of using a phone and would like to try this too! Have you ever investigated whether there are any legal restrictions on using cell phones at those altitudes? I don’t think there are, because I am pretty sure that after being on CNN etc. and talking about tracking with a phone you would have heard if there was a problem! But I was just wondering if you ever investigated possible legal restrictions on using cell phones above a certain altitude.
    Good luck with your future flights!!

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