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Justin Lee


Justin is a first year graduate student in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering (focus in volume holography). He did his undergraduate work at MIT as well, studying physics and biology.

In his free time, Justin likes to build things and blog about cancer science & anthropology. He hopes to someday help develop medical technologies to aid cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

25 comments to Justin Lee

  • Tristian Ngo

    I read your story on Yahoo about your little $150 project. I am a 7th grader and i think you are cool.

  • Daniel Shin

    Hey, I read your story on the space pictures
    in a Korean News article.
    What a brilliant work!
    Good Job

  • Felipe

    I applauded you and your team, on this technological adventurer, men like you and your thinking make the impossible, possible.

    I wish you gentlemen the very best now and in the years to come.

  • KF

    Yes, Justin Lee ! I am surprised by your genius, creativity and innovative mind. When I read the news, it totally catch my attention that i never had before. really, i do not know how to describe your creativity. I salute to you. Congratulations ! What a great effort ! Keep it up guys ! :-) I wish you all the best in your future undertaking :-)

  • Jane

    This is Amazing. You are amazing! Coolness!

  • OldMassFart

    Your landing was the best thing to happen to Worcester in about 300 years

  • Kim

    I’m very proud of you, Korean!

  • Leo

    hi Justin, I’m a reporter for a Korean Radio Station (but we broadcast in English). would it be OK to get a short interview from you? I think this is a pretty cool thing you guys did…

  • ㅎㅎ

    He is not Korean Citizen
    But He might be a Korean-American.
    Korean decendent

  • Gribble de jour

    A whole bunch of years ago when I worked in Philly my employer made weather stations that were sent up with those balloons. The weather people said the balloons and the devices were under scrutiny since the balloons would be eaten by whales, killing them, and the devices became nasty litter when they came down on land.

    I offered that the devices – styrofoam boxes with a metal altimeter and radio sending & receiving equipment – could be made substantially lighter by [1] removing the receiver (which was only used to trigger the sender) and turning on the sender at lift-off since it could operate for a longer period than the normal flight, [2] repackage the unit using popcorn for the structure, and [3] using paper balloons.

    They hated my ideas, and they eventually lost the contract to people that made smaller digital units. Now these guys are out of business. Bah.

  • Hey there, nice work on the balloon flight.

    A quick trick for resizing images on a PC is to use the free Microsoft windows power tools image resizer. It is a little app that lets you resize images by right-clicking on them. You select a bunch at once (probably more than 1000 images at a time) and just resize them to whatever you want your final movie size to be. once the image are resized which can take a while but doesn’t require any user input after you start it, you can just load them in Quicktime pro ($30) and make the movie from there.

    We also have a custom timelapse creator and player that we could let you use for free since y’all are doing cool shit! It lets you convert any imagestream to a nice interactive timelapse movie called a TimeStream that you can scroll through or render movies from. drop me an email or check out our website if you want a copy.


  • Madhurita Mukherjee

    You and your team opened a new avenue to the entire process……..

  • Jerry

    You all should be proud of yourselves. You represent the fine young men and women we have in our education system! Congrats!

  • Diane

    Whoa, small world! I was just browsing cnn and saw this article about students sending a camera 17 miles into space. The name Justin Lee sounded familiar, and then I realized you went to Bellaire. Super cool. I was in c/o 2003, but I remember you from debate and what not. I think it’s awesome that yall took this “insane” idea and followed through… nice job!

  • Olakoyejo

    What a gr8 achievement you have. Honestly, so gr8 that my words cant describe. So there is hope for inquisitive mind to journey into the future Space Exploration. What a gr8 achievement.

    Tnx for the insight.
    U are cool!

  • That’s real brilliant move!
    It surely encourages us to look upward :)

  • dinky doo

    get your nip ass back to gook land! use one of those balloons!

  • hey i require your help in building a space camera for a moon mission and i think u can help me out in that… pls reply to me.. asap…

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