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Several other groups have successfully launched balloons into the upper stratosphere and taken photographs of the earth from way up above (click on any of the links below to check out their launches). As far as we know, however, we are the first group ever to accomplish this feat on a budget of $150 and with off-the-shelf components available to the average layperson.

  • Project IRIS – University of Waterloo
  • Edge of Space Sciences Colorado
  • HALO – High ALtitude Object
  • Cambridge University Spaceflight
  • Near Space Ventures – Kansas City, MO
  • Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility
  • HARBOR: High Altitude Reconnaissance Balloon for Outreach and Research
  • US Centennial of Flight essay on balloons as forerunners to space travel
  • Pegasus High Altitude Balloon Project
  • University of Tennessee Amateur Radio Club – Balloon Mission
  • BEAR – Balloon Experiments with Amateur Radio
  • Arizona Near Space Research
  • Cygnus High Altitude Balloon
  • Stratocat – Historical recopilation project on the use of stratospheric balloons in the scientific research, the military field and the aerospace activity
  • Qinetiq1
  • Space Systems and Controls Lab – Iowa State University
  • Evan Skinner-
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