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Project Dragon

First art show in near space- November 15th 2009

Project Dragon1 – Art show by Jiin Lee
Launched from West Stockbridge, MA- Landed Oxford, MA

Highest Altitude achieved: 99,000 feet.
Flight duration: 1:37PM to 3:38PM EST

We have over an hour of HD digital video as well as timed still photos.
Media Outlets contact us, Press release in ten days.

Project Icarus Crew: Oliver Yeh (Team Leader)

Jiin Lee( Visiting Harvard Artist)

Akira Monri (Aerospace Engineer)

Bill Brown (Communications Specialist)

David Bary( Finance & Business)

WhoOliver Yeh , Anthony Morelli, Akira Monri, Jiin Lee, David Bary
Launch Date/TimeNovember 15nd, 2009, 1:37 EST
Launch LocationWest Stockbridge, MA – 42.3359,-73.375
Impact LocationOxford, MA - 42.11079  -71.83357
Distance Traveled~80 miles
Altitude Achieved99,000 feet, 18.5 miles
Helium Used~130 cubic feet
Weight~1900g including parachute
CameraCanon A470 /w chdk open source firmware Flip UltraHD Video Camera
Batteries10 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries
GPS RecieverInventek GPS Receiver, WB8ELK Transmitter
Tracking SoftwareInstamapper, FlDigi
Flight pathGoogle Earth kml
FAA regulationLegal as long as payload is under 4 pounds

6 comments to Project Dragon 1

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  • CP Ambrose

    Hello Oliver Yeh , Anthony Morelli, Akira Monri, Jiin Lee, David Bary, 1 Feb. 2010

    Congratulations to all of you and to MIT with your success on your balloon project. Good work. Keep it up.

    Enjoyed, viewing (video) and reading about your balloon projects. I would be interested in supporting (donation, etc.) your project: ‘Transatlantic balloon project’. I would be intentested, in mapping the spatial (using GIS Tools) trajectory of your balloon form point of paunch to descent to ground target location. I am not sure if I read it incorrectly on your web site about
    launching a balloon from the North Pole!!! This would be something that would be of interest to me ( same as your transatlantic balloon project) except that it would launched over from North Pole or placed as a stationery object. Your suggestions are welcome.

    I am a former MIT Grad student–participated in projects, something similar to this type of project during the IAP sessions. Did your project originate from an IAP session?

    Thank you.

    CP Ambrose

  • I did send e-mail to you. please, check it up.

  • Project Dragon 1 – explanation of the project now on youtube.

    Also shows extracts from the MIT Tech Journal documentation.

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