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UPDATE: 11/24/09:
Two more success stories!  Checkout the launch at Springville Middle School Here.  Launch by Mark Flage with the Civil Air Patrol Squadron Here. If you launched, let us know how it goes!
UPDATE: 11/15/09: Project Dragon 1, the first art show in space, is a success!

We have over an hour of HD digital video as well as 800 timed still photos. Media Outlets please contact us. First publication rights are available. Press conference Boston 10 days.  More details HERE.

UPDATE: 10/29/09:

Congratulations to Reagan and Doug Garner of Kyle, TX.  They successfully launched their own version of a near-space balloon and took some stunning photos!  Check it out HERE.  Please consider donating!  We have spent countless hours on making this guide available for everyone ad-free.  Any amount will help.

UPDATE: 10/29/09:

We are launching Wednesday, November 4th, 2009.  We will be including a High-Def video camera this time!  We would like to thank Bill Brown of Alabama for all his help!  He is the pioneer of amateur near-space balloon launches.   He launched his first flight in 1988 using a film camera.   After over 400 more flights, he is donating his expertise, experience, and equipment to 1337arts for our next launch!  Check out his website HERE.

Update October 24th, 2009:

We will be launching our next balloon November 2nd 2009 with David Bary and Jin Yi.  We will attaching custom-made exquisite dolls courtesy of Jin Yi.  Be ready for more updates!

Update (October 11th, 2009):

Step-by-Step Recount Release slated for the end of the week.  Meanwhile, please check out our other projects at!  Projects includeWebrover and Transatlantic Balloon Flight.

Have ideas and suggestions? email us!  Please help support Project Lindbergh!  If we succeed, we will have set the distance traveled and time afloat amateur balloon record!

Update (October 7th, 2009): Legal delays

We’re trying to work out some issues (all the boring paperwork stuff…).  More updates coming soon. – In the meantime, email us if you have any specific questions or would like tips/advice on any particular aspect.

Update (October 3rd, 2009): WE HAVE STEP BY STEP RECOUNT! (well almost, read on)

Many people have emailed requesting details as they are launching their own version soon.  We have the rough draft ready so apologies for the spelling/grammar errors.  If you are launching soon, give us an email and we can send it to you. Otherwise, we will revise it throughout the weekend and release the final version Wednesday.

Update (Sept. 17, 2009): WE HAVE TIME LAPSE!!!

The compressed pictures used for the time lapse video can be found at:
(They are in the folder TimeLapse3 or in the zip file

Click to see the video on YouTube.

If you would like to request any of the original full-size images, email with the number of the image you would like to see and we will send you a copy. (The total size of all of the original images is 7GB!)  Please be patient with the pictures.  We are receiving about 20 requests per hour.

*The guy in the beginning of the picture is the Vice President of the company whose property we launched from. He came out to help us launch!

**Time lapse actually doesn’t look that great because the cooler was not stabilized.


**UPDATE: We will be posting a step-by-step illustrated guide on how we did our $150 launch shortly–it will be free of charge.

***Update on Correspondence. I try to respond to every email that we get within a 48 hours, but I everyone once in a while I will be swamped with HW. Please understand, however, that we are still in school, and it can be hard to find time to reply to the massive amounts of emails that we have received with all the the homework and labwork that we have to do.

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